It’s official – The Paws Club is live & kicking!

This week, despite the website still being in it’s development stages, we took three bookings – hurrah! (All thanks to referred business from the lovely Sandra from Sandra’s Dog Walking Service)

We can’t wait to welcome Jess the Jack Russell Cross, Pebbles the Cockerpoo and Lu-Lu & Gizmo the Shitzu’s into The Paws Club. Pawsecco & Brewdog all round.

Our official start date for ‘The Paws Club’ is 11th September. From that date we’ll be open for all bookings, from walking to holiday boarding. Be sure to check out our services page to see how we can lend a hand with ¬†your perfect pooch.

So what are we up to until then? Prepping hard for our fellow members, of course. We’re double, triple securing the garden for extra security and we’re investing in our very own ‘Mutt Mobile’ to transport our canine friends around.

Oh and we’re thinking about a launch event, because any excuse for a get together eh? If you’re interested in hearing more about our plans for this, sign up to our newsletter below to receive all the details.

We can’t wait to share all things four paws related with you going forward.


(Here’s Jess on our Meet & Greet this week. Super focused on ripping her soft toy fox to shreds. Typical terrier. We can’t wait to hang out with Jess at the end of the month.)